Pre-paid funeral plans

Why pre-pay?

Everybody has their own reasons for opting for a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan but from our experience by far the greatest is to take away the financial burden from loved ones in an already stressful period.

If you don’t have Pre-Paid Funeral plan in place the cost of your funeral is deducted from your estate which can take time which therefore means that your loved ones will have to pay for the funeral and recoup the cost from your estate after it has been executed before going to your intended. The average cost of a funeral today is £5000 which is no small figure and one that will continue to rise.

Saving plans or insurances are unlikely to rise at the same rate of inflation to cover the rising funeral costs.

By paying for your funeral in advance, the cost is frozen at today’s prices so you can protect your loved ones from escalating costs and the responsibility and worry of having to plan your funeral.

Pre-paying means pre planning, so you get the funeral YOU choose.

There are a number of different plans to suit all budgets for you to choose from and can be paid for by monthly instalments usually over 1 to 10 years or you can pay a lump sum.

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