Who Needs a Will?

Most people might think about making a Will,  but may be put off by the notion, or think they don’t have much to leave or even that their estate will automatically be divided between their loved ones or those they’ve left behind.

An ‘estate’ is simply the collective name for any assets you may have acquired in your lifetime.  It could be a small amount of savings,  or a piece of jewellery,  or as much as several properties and family heirlooms.  However large or small your wealth the only way to ensure that your legacy is passed to those you choose is to make your Will, your Way.

You might be surprised to hear that every adult has a Will. If you do not make your own Will the government makes one for you and there is no guarantee that your estate will go to the people you would have chosen, even if it does there will certainly be a delay – and it could even be given to the state.

We spend many years of our lives working to provide for ourselves and our loved ones.  Making a Will enables you to plan exactly what will happen to your estate after your death and ensures that the people you want to benefit will do so in line with your wishes. Your Will, your way.

Everybody should make a Will but especially if you:

  • are married
  • are in a civil partnership
  • are living with a partner
  • own a property
  • have possessions over £5,000
  • have children (and ESPECIALLY if they are under 18)
  • have a disabled relative living with you

Many people put off making a Will because they feel they are too young and that it is not relevant at the present stage in their life.  It’s important to understand that a Will is not set in stone and can be reviewed regularly and amended as your estate grows.

When making a Will it is important that it is legally binding (written according to the Wills Act 1837) and accurate to ensure that when you go your wishes are clear and very difficult to contest. Will Power have measures in place to ensure your Will is legal, and difficult to contest, with records and procedures to back your decisions up should the need arise.

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How much does it cost to make a Will?

We make things simple - Our fees are fixed with a Single Will including Will Clarity Statement and Registration of your Wills with The National Will Register costing 


and a Mirror Will including 2 X Will Clarity Statements and Registration of your Wills with The National Will Register costing


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